We at Relay believe that God has great things for His children. We believe that He didn’t give us His Word, the Bible, to hold us back or tie us down. Our God gave us truth because He loves us, and He wants to set us free.  Our time with God through the study of the Bible is not a “to do” or a checkmark.  Rather, it is the only way that we will come to know our Heavenly Father in this lifetime and enjoy all that He has for us.  It is how we will know truth.

But life can be busy and loud and distracting. And it can be hard. And unless we are very intentional, we will find ourselves simply carried along by its current. We live in a fallen world surrounded by the lies of our culture, and unless we are purposeful in “swimming in truth,” we will find ourselves engulfed by the ways and thinking of this world.

Relay is committed to providing small, accessible pieces of truth for you to focus on throughout your day. Sometimes we need to be instructed with truth. Most of the time, we just need to be reminded. We want to encourage you and inspire you to live out of that truth. And we want to make it easy for you to share that truth with those that you love. It’s a relay. We take it in, we live it out, and then we pass it on. Whether you are new to studying God’s Word or have been a student for years, we believe that you will find Relay fiercely practical, encouraging, and inspiring. Welcome!