Looking for a balance…

Returning home to Nashville after graduating college, I knew I needed to find a community group in pursuit of God’s Truth. I was lucky enough to have read Shawna’s studies as devotionals while in school, but the opportunity to read them as a part of a study with Shawna’s leadership and a group of women to take the journey alongside me, was too good to pass up! Most group studies I have experienced tend to lean too far towards the social aspect or too far towards the education, and I definitely desire a balance of the two. My experience with Light Bulb Moments this fall broke this trend and gave me an incredible group of women to honestly and openly explore God’s Word through Shawna’s thought provoking and eye opening Truths. It was such a blessing to hear other women’s stories and to feel comfortable enough to express my own. I cannot wait to continue the journey in the Relay of Truth study this spring!

Mallory Glasgow, Nashville, Tn

Shine your light!

Light-Bulb Moments was without a doubt one of the most encouraging studies I have ever done. Learning how to “take off” what the world would have us wear, and “put on” the promises of God—which is what we were made for!  Having full access to “God’s closet” was an amazing new concept I had never heard of before, and it gave me a more personal view of our Father, and how much He desires for us to trust in His promises.  I will never look at a hanger the same way again!   The dailies gave me truths to think on every day, and tips to keep my mind focused on God’s word.  Shawna’s down to earth telling of stories from her family made you feel like you were an old trusted friend, being welcomed in and loved!  Our group of women shared more and more each time, and by the end, we all felt like we had grown so much–both in our faith, and in friendships with each other.  God does amazing things when we shine our light for Him!
Lisa Graham,  Morningview, Ky